DarkMark's Comics Reprint Indexing Domain!

A guide to Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age comics reprints compiled by the reknowned DarkMark.

Greetings to one and all.  After having established a comics fanfic page and a comics indexing page, the next step to take was doing a page which would be a guide to comic reprints from 1938-1986.  These are the ages of comics I'm most involved in, and trying to continue the coverage from 1987 to the present day would be too difficult at present.  (But if somebody wants to try that task on their own, they're welcome to it.)  I'll be covering superheroes and adventure heroes at my own discretion here, and I hope to get all the companies from this time period covered eventually.

Errors are bound to crop up.  If you find any...no, when you find any...drop me a line here.  I'll be glad to make additions and corrections.

I won't be covering generic, non-hero stories, war, funny stuff, or romance.  Sorry about that.  There are only so many hours in the day.

Many thanks to the pioneering efforts of George Olshevsky, Mark Waid, Murray Ward, and the Grand Comics Database, who have all contributed data to this series of indexes.  I hope they all enjoy it, as I hope you do, as well.

Here we go:

DC Comics indexes:

Action Comics
Adventure Comics
All-American Comics
All-Flash Comics
All-Star Comics
Comic Cavalcade
Detective Comics
Flash Comics
Green Lantern (1st series)
Leading Comics
More Fun Comics
New York World's Fair Comics
Sensation Comics
Star-Spangled Comics
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Legion of Super-Heroes
Superman Annual
Wonder Woman
World's Finest Comics

More to come as I compile them!  Hope you enjoy your visit.  None of these indexes are intended as infringement on copyright.