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A collection of comics indexes compiled by the reknowned DarkMark.

Greetings to one and all.  Herein is a site devoted to one of my favorite endeavors:  comics indexing. I've had several such indexes published and been consultant on others, and have been compiling these sort of things for about as long as I've been a fan.  I find them useful and quite a bit of fun, so if you're into super-heroes, particularly those of the Silver Age, you might give these a try...there's a lot of information in them, and a lot of detail on comics that you may never have had the chance to read, or some old favorites that you have.  Or perhaps you're just curious about the history of some long- or short-running heroes, as I've been.

These indexes aren't meant to infringe upon the copyright owners to the characters, nor are they meant to compete with already-published indexes such as George Olshevsky's Marvel indexes, or Murray Ward's DC indexes for ICG and Marvel indexes.  In some cases, such as in the Legion of Super-Heroes index, my entries begin where their publications left off.  So if you want information about the Justice League, the Teen Titans, Hawkman, the Doom Patrol, or most of the earlier Marvel heroes...buy their books!

Many thanks to those who have loaned books or provided information, among them Murray Ward, Mark Waid, and Mike Tiefenbacher.  And in passing, I'll mention my fan-fict site, DarkMark's Domain, where you'll find unofficial prose stories covering a large number of these heroes and others.   Plus I've started a reprint indexing site here.  Check them out, and thanks!

I'm also looking for data on missing books, so you might check out my Data Wants page if you think you can help.

So let's get down to what you're really interested in...the indexes!

Adam Strange:  The hero of Earth and Rann, one of DC's finest science-fiction characters, from his introduction in SHOWCASE to his last Silver Age appearance. .

 AmethystThe princess of Gemworld, from her introduction to her last issue.

 Aquaman:   The king of the Seven Seas, in his Earth-One appearances, from 1955 to his last pre-Crisis solo adventure.

 The Atom:    DC's Tiny Titan, one of my personal favorites.

 Atomic Knights:  The guys who kept civilization going after the Great Atomic War of 1985.

 Batman(2)(3)(4)(5)   The Earth-One adventures of the Batman.

 Batman Family   Covering the solo adventures of Robin, Batgirl, Man-Bat, the Joker, Catwoman, and other members of the Batman Family.

 Batman and the Outsiders  The pre-Crisis adventures of Batman's own team.

 Batman team-ups All the Batman team-ups in BRAVE AND THE BOLD, from #59 to 200.

 Blackhawk    Blackhawk's Earth-One episodes, from issues #108-273.

 Black Lightning  An index to the pre-Crisis appearances of DC's famed black super-hero.

 Blue Devil  The adventures of Dan Cassidy, Hollywood stuntman who got stuck inside a Blue Devil suit and got stuck with being a super-hero.

 Captain Action  The short-run DC title featuring a hero with the powers of the gods.

 Captain Comet  DC's first mutant super-hero, from the pages of the early-'50's STRANGE ADVENTURES.

 Challengers of the Unknown They lived on borrowed time from 1957 to 1985, and had quite a few good stories doing so.

 Charlton heroes Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, the Question, Nightshade, Judomaster, the Peacemaker, and Thunderbolt in their original 1960's Charlton incarnations.

 The Creeper  The earliest adventures of Steve Ditko's green-haired, marvelous mountebank.

 Deadman  The super-hero whose career began several minutes after his death.  A Neal Adams classic, and probably my favorite strip.

 The Demon and Kobra  Two Seventies weirdies created by Jack Kirby.

 Dial H For Hero   The stories of Robby Reed and his successors, who became an unending series of super-heroes by letting their fingers do the walking.  .

 Eclipso  Hero and villain in one man, and one of DC's more interesting characters of the mid-Sixties.

 Elongated Man  DC's famed Ductile Detective in his Silver Age solo stories.

 Firestorm   From his first issue through 1986, the adventures of the JLA's nuclear man with the two-part alter ego.

 The Flash   The Scarlet Speedster who may have been the catalyst for the entire Silver Age, from 1956-1985.

 The Fly.  Archie Comics' famed insect-powered hero, from the Fifties to the Eighties.

 Fourth World titles  The New Gods, the Forever People, and Mr. Miracle, Jack Kirby's great interlocking saga of the 1970's.

 Freedom Fighters   From the Golden Age into the Seventies, Uncle Sam, Doll Man, Phantom Lady, the Black Condor, the Ray, and the Human Bomb, a sextet of hunted heroes.

 Green Arrow (and Black Canary)    The Earth-One adventures of DC's Ace Archer and Black Canary, from 1955 on up.

 Green Hornet  The famed hero of radio, TV, and comics, in his Dell, Gold Key, and Now Comics versions.

 Green Lantern  The adventures of Hal Jordan, Earth-One's first Green Lantern, from his SHOWCASE days through the first issues of GREEN LANTERN CORPS.

 Herbie History's greatest Little Fat Nothing, from his first appearance in FORBIDDEN WORLDS to his latest revival.  Read this, or him bop you with his lollipop.

 Hercules Unbound  Another mid-Seventies title, featuring Walt Simonson / Wally Wood art on an Olympian god turned loose in Earth After Disaster.

 Howard the Duck Covering the adventures of Steve Gerber's wondrous waterfowl from his first solo outing in GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING to the last ish of his own comic.

 Human Target  Christopher Chance made his living in disguise, substituting for men marked for death, as the Human Target.

 Infinity, Inc. The adventures of the sons, daughters, and proteges of the Justice Society in their pre-LEGENDS days.

 Isis   An index to the very short run of Isis, Captain Marvel's ally and fellow TV star.

 The Jaguar The animal-powered hero from Archie Comics, from the Sixties thru the Eighties.

 J'onn J'onzz, Manhunter From Mars  Updated.  Possibly DC's first Silver Age hero, in his solo adventures from DETECTIVE COMICS, HOUSE OF MYSTERY, and ADVENTURE COMICS.

 Justice Society of America   The first and possibly greatest conglomerate super-hero team in comics, from ALL-STAR COMICS #3 to LAST DAYS OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY SPECIAL.  Includes ALL-STAR SQUADRON.

 Kamandi  The adventures of the Last Boy on Earth, another Kirby Seventies classic.

 Legion of Super-Heroes  From their last ACTION COMICS appearance to their last Earth-One appearance, the greatest future-hero team of them all.

 Magnus, Robot Fighter  The protector of humanity from mechanical tyrants in the year 4000 A.D., covering his Gold Key and Valiant appearances.

 Manhunter   He hunted the world's deadliest game, in a classic series by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson.

 Man-Thing  Marvel's great swamp-monster, in his appearances from SAVAGE TALES #1 to the present. .

 Metal Men  Comics' greatest robot heroes, in their pre-Crisis incarnation.

 MetamorphoDC's Element Man, from his first BRAVE AND THE BOLD appearance through the end of his pre-Crisis career.

 Mighty Comics heroes   From the Sixties and Eighties, the adventures of the Black Hood, the Shield, the Comet, Steel Sterling, the Fox, the Web, Archie Comics's Shadow, and all the rest.

 Mighty Crusaders  The Fly, Fly-Girl, the Shield, the Comet, the Black Hood, and the other Archie Comics superheroes in their Silver Age and Eighties runs as a super-team.

 NemesisThe master of disguise who fought the criminal Council through a series of BRAVE AND THE BOLD backups.

 Omac   Jack Kirby's One Man Army Corps, as he appeared in his own comic and in WARLORD.

 Omega Men  The entire run of DC's Eighties star-spanning hero team, including Primus, Broot, Kalista, Tigorr, and even some guy called Lobo.

 Phantom Stranger  Updated.  DC's most mysterious super-hero, from his first Fifties issue to his four-fold origin in the Eighties.

 Plastic Man   The DC issues of the famed Stretchable Sleuth, from his 1966 revival through the 80's.

 Ragman   The short-run Kanigher and Kubert creation of the Seventies.

 Richard Dragon, Kung Fu FighterDC's primary martial-arts master in all his Earth-One appearances.

 Rip Hunter, Time Master  DC's time-travelling hero, voyager to the past and future, from his debut in 1959 A.D. to his last pre-Crisis issue.

 Sea Devils   The exploits of DC's team of frogman heroes, from their first SHOWCASE appearance through their last issue in 1967.

 Secret Society of Super-Villains   Almost all of DC's mid-Seventies superstar heroes put in an appearance in this unique series, featuring a plethora of their most famous villains as central characters, and a resident hero, Captain Comet, to fight them. .

 Shade the Changing Man  Steve Ditko's cult classic from the 1970's, featuring a morphing hero who had to save his own dimension and Earth's while being hunted by forces from both of them. .

 The Shadow and the Avenger The Earth-One adventures of the two great pulp heroes of the 1930's and '40's.

 Shazam!The adventures of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., and Mary Marvel during their first DC revival, from 1973 through the Crisis.

 Short-run DC Heroes   A grouping of heroes and heroines who didn't have particularly long-running series.  Includes Animal-Man, Black Orchid, Enchantress, Prez, Red Tornado, Prince Ra-Man, the Sandman, Vigilante, and more.

 Super Friends    If you remember the fun Saturday morning cartoon series, you might also have fond memories for this very fun adaptation starring Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and a host of guest-starring heroes.

 Super-hero team-ups   The various team-ups of DC heroes that didn't involve Superman and Batman, from BRAVE AND THE BOLD #50 through SHOWCASE #100.

 Supergirl  From ACTION COMICS #252 to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7 and beyond, the complete adventures of the World's Greatest Heroine.

 Superboy(2)(3) Updated. All the stories of the Boy of Steel, from MORE FUN COMICS through THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY.

 Superman(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)   The Earth-One Man of Steel's adventures, from 1955-1986.

 Superman Family  The Bizarro World, Rose and the Thorn, Nightwing and Flamebird, the World of Krypton, and all the other peripheral characters of the Superman titles.

 Superman team-ups   From WORLD'S FINEST COMICS and DC COMICS PRESENTS, all of Superman's non-Batman teamups.

 Superman / Batman team-ups  Covering the team adventures of the Man of Steel and the Darknight Detective, from SUPERMAN #76 to their last WORLD'S FINEST issue.

 Swamp Thing  All of Swamp Thing's Earth-One episodes, from HOUSE OF SECRETS #92 to SWAMP THING #50.

 THUNDER Agents   Dynamo, NoMan, Lightning, and Raven, in their original Tower Comics version and in a few revivals.

 The Warlord   The adventures of Travis Morgan, warlord of Skartaris, in his Earth-One incarnation, from FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL through WARLORD #113.

Wonder WomanUpdated.  The Amazon Princess in her Earth-One career, from 1955-1985.

 Zatanna   The Justice League's mistress of magic, from her origin story to her last Earth-One appearance.

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember, any comments on the indexes can be sent to  DarkMark .